Management Committee

Marcelo Claudio Castaño

Business Unit Manager

Directive Board Member


Joan Perez Ochoteco

CFO / Gerente Adm. y Financiero

Andrea Perluzky

HR Responsible / Responsable RRHH

Ignacio Arecha

Project Manager /
Gerente de Proyectos

Alejandro Galafassi



Yaneddis Hurtado

Coordinadora de Ventas/ Sales coordinatorResponsable de Producto de Transmición y Distribución Subterránea / Product Manager Underground Distribution

Ernesto Scardamaglia

Sales Officer /
Ejecutivo de Ventas Senior

Juan Antonio Watson

Distributors and Cooperatives Responsible /
Resp. Distribuidores y Cooperativas

Gastón Rovira

Commercial Technical Advisor /
Asesor Técnico Comercial

Pierre Fornareso

MDM Industries LATAM

Aymeric Buisson

MDM Transmisión LATAM

Sebastián Caruso

Product Manager Gas Analytics

Graciela Fernandez

Reporting y Ctrol. Comercial /
Commercial Reporting

Carina Chierzi

Adm. de Ventas y servicios al cliente

Bruno Sangiacomo

Sales management and customer service

Cintia Silvera

Buyer analyst

Brenda Mar

Comprador Técnico /
Technical Buyer

Mariela Villavicencio

Foreing Trade /
Comercio Exterior

Andrea Jerez

Analista de Pago a proveedores /
Vendor payment analyst

Victoria Petrochelli

Human resources assistant


Sicame Argentina is a leading company, with more than 50 years of experience in the development and commercialization of elements for transport and distribution of electrical energy. Focused on the client, it works to advise on the selection, installation, use and maintenance of an extensive range of products. Its products include Overhead Distribution, Underground Distribution and Electrical Safety, complying with the highest international standards.

Its vision, mission and values guide our company to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers and the community.